Discovering European Heritage in Royal Residences (DEHRR)

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DHERR Project. Foreword.

Dear visitors,

On the occasion of the 2010 European Heritage Days, we invite you to discover our European Royal Residences.

Palace-museum staff have put together a highly original programme of cultural events for this unmissable annual occasion. The programme forms part of the project: Discovering European Heritage in Royal Residences (DEHRR), which aims to introduce the most prestigious European Royal Residences to the general public, showcasing their similarities and their distinguishing features.

We hope that many of you will participate in the various activities that have been organised specially for the occasion. These activities differ in theme from country to country, but all sites share the common theme: The Impact of Royal Residences on their Environment, from Past to Present.

To raise public awareness of the wealth and diversity of our common European heritage, participating sites will be offering guided tours, conferences, games, sporting activities and interactive workshops aimed at youngsters and their families. A multimedia exhibition of photos and videos made by young Europeans will take you on a journey from one palace to another and will almost certainly make you want to see them for yourself. To accompany you on your forthcoming travels, we offer you this brochure which is available in twelve languages. 

We would like to express our gratitude to all the professionals involved in this project: education and cultural officers, speakers, teachers, photographers and video directors who assisted the youngsters in their creative work, but also the European Commission which supports the DEHRR project as part of its Culture programme.

We hope that you enjoy discovering our Royal Residences!