Discovering European Heritage in Royal Residences (DEHRR)

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Palacio de Chambord. Francia Photo Carrousel of the Royal Residences. National Estate of Chambord, France ,Coudenberg - Former Palace of Brussels, Belgium,Wilanow Palace Museum, Poland, Palaces of Versailles and the Trianon, France, Schönbrunn Palace, Austria, Patrimonio Nacional, Spain , Royal Palace of Gödöllő, Hungary, Royal Residences of Turin and of the Piedmont, Italy, Mafra National Palace, Portugal ,Hampton Court Palace, United Kingdom, Peterhof Museum, Russia,Royal Palace of Caserta, Italy, Prussian Palaces and Gardens of Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany , Royal Palace of Stockholm, Sweden, Rosenborg Castle, Denmark,Het Loo Palace, Netherlands

Royal Residences on their Environment from Past to Present

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